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I am Katherine Sword; a freelance artist looking for new projects involving design, the fine arts, or various sorts of imaginative creation needs you may have. I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with my bachelor’s degree in Interior Design in 2011. I have kept busy painting (both portrait and mural), knitting, drawing with charcoal and ink, and sewing clothes, costumes and accessories. I now live in Wyoming, Michigan with my husband, daughter, and puppy. When I am not working, I enjoy exploring all the wilderness areas available in west Michigan.

Most recently, I have been working on graphics for a video game with CIS students at U of M. My work history includes involvement with a wide variety of mediums and programs. I use my education and skills to create enchanting and bold projects for my clients. As communication is important to me, I have continually collaborated with a group of clients on a project for months, amending as the needs of the clients and project shift.  I am an experienced and knowledgeable artist that is able to generate creative solutions and execute them with craftsmanship and creativity. 

My background is expansive and diverse, which has allowed me to make informed aesthetic and creative decisions even if I am working with something new. Creation is something that I am passionate for and dedicated to, and that is evident in my work and communications with my clients. I am available to fulfil a number of needs from simply making your project vision a reality, to developing an intuitive solution to a problem presented to me. 

If your project needs a professional, attentive, and well-rounded artist, 

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